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Game Day Style Guide: College Football Edition

We are heading into fall, which also means we are heading into football season. Arguably, the best time of the year. With football season quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning out our game-day outfits. No matter what the game is, it’s an equally important day for fans everywhere. However, the fashion can look a bit different depending on which school you support. Fashion trends are based on where your school is located, the local cultures, and the weather.

If you’re looking for a more dressed-up look:

The dressed-up and semi-formal look is commonly found on game days at Southern universities and colleges such as the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee. Southern fashion, in general, tends to be very classy and elegant. Southern fashion mixed with the extremely hot weather carries into their game-day looks. Some outfits to consider are dresses, rompers, and a solid color shirt paired with either a skirt or pair of shorts. Shoe options to pair with these outfits are cowgirl boots, heels, or even a nice pair of sandals to make walking around a bit easier. To finalize any look you need accessories, game day buttons, or custom bedazzled bag straps to add to your clear bags are the perfect way to finish this look.

Courtesy of @KailynMahaffey on Instagram

If you’re looking for a more comfy look:

The more dressed down and comfy look is common amongst all universities and colleges, especially in Northern states. The farther you get up North, you’re more likely to experience the change in weather that comes with each season. True seasons mixed with regional cultures carry into the game day looks. Some tops to wear are a jersey, sweatshirt, and fun graphic tee, that can be paired with a bomber jacket. These tops can be paired with jeans, leather pants, or shorts. Another fun outfit would be a plain color top paired with game day bibs. Game day bibs are vertically striped, sometimes checkered, overalls. A pair of tennis shoes or boots would pair nicely with either of these looks. Common accessories, especially as your team heads into the postseason, become gloves, hats, or beanies, as we have to anticipate the long-awaited winter season.

Courtesy of @emilystark_ on Instagram

There’s no doubt that game-day fashion will look a little different at any school you go to. What’s important is that you feel comfortable and confident in your game-day fit. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will find a group of fans displaying their school spirit and colors while hoping for a win; and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters anyway.

Main Photo Courtesy of Olivia Lowry on Pinterest

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