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Iconic College Football Entrances

Just nine weeks until college football is back and I can’t wait. College football has its own vibe; part of that is due to their entrances. There are so many teams in college football and they are all unique in their own way. They have specific entrances tailored to their team and their stadiums are all special, but there are a few teams that just stand out a little in the entrance category specifically. 

7.) Texas Tech University

Texas Tech is one of the many school’s that feature a live animal as part of their entrance. They are the first team to feature a live horse specifically. Tech’s entrances start with the Masked Rider (their mascot) on a black horse just right outside of the tunnel. You then see the team emerge from the tunnel, just before the Masked Rider takes off across the field with the football team running behind them. The Masked Rider became the team’s mascot over 70 years ago and has led the team onto the field every home game since.

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6.) Auburn University

Auburn is another one of the schools that uses a live animal for their entrance. Though their mascot is a tiger, their entrance involves an eagle. This has been part of Auburn’s history for over two decades. The current eagle; War Eagle VIII, is a golden eagle named Aurea. She is released at the top of the stadium and circles the stands before landing midfield as the Tigers run out of the tunnel and onto the field. 

5.) University of South Carolina

Though many think South Carolina’s entrance is a little boring compared to many others, I disagree. The Gamecocks enter the field as the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” plays over the speakers and smoke fills the tunnel they run out of. Though more “simple” it never fails to get the crowd and the team hype.

4.) Clemson University 

The Tigers have arguably one of the most hype entrances. It begins with the team lapping the stadium in buses before they get dropped off at the top of the field. Before the iconic run down the hill, the team gathers behind Howard’s Rock. A cannon is shot off and the team begins their stampede down the hill, each stopping to rub the rock before they go by. This represents their commitment to giving their utmost effort. 

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3.) University of Tennessee

The Volunteers are one of the many teams that utilize their marching band during their entrance. The Pride of the Southland Band forms the school’s Power T logo in front of the tunnel and will open up a path for the team and they have been doing so since 1965. The football team is gathered at the entrance of the tunnel as the band finishes the T and they run through the T until they reach their sideline. The crowd and team are absolutely electric during it all. 

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2.) University of Colorado Boulder

Once again another team that uses a live animal during their entrance. The entrance starts with Ralphie, the buffalo, and her handlers as they run onto the field and make it to the 50-yard line before circling back before the team runs onto the field. This is one of the most dangerous entrances in college football, but a crowd-pleaser nonetheless. 

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  1. Virginia Tech

The Hokies have, in my opinion, the most iconic entrance in college football. It starts with the team walking from the facility and around the practice field before entering the tunnel. As they enter the tunnel Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” starts playing over the speakers. The team will hold behind the entrance of the tunnel before rushing the field. When each player passes the front of the tunnel, they will pause to touch the Hokie Stone, which is at the top of the tunnel’s entrance before running out onto the field. 

Of course, many more entrances deserve to be on the list, these are just my top 7  that stand out.

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