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LSU Baseball - Give Em' Their Rings

Courtesy of: LSU Athletics

The first game of the MCWS between the LSU Tigers and the Florida Gators was a wild ride. The game went into 11 innings before coming to an end. The winner of game one was the Tigers; the final score being 4-3. Cade Beloso, the DH for the Tigers, was the saving grace for the team. In the top of the first Beloso hit a homerun to deep right field, unfortunately, the Tigers weren't able to cash in a few extra insurance runs, but their one run was enough to win the game seeing as how the Gators weren't able to even up, or win the game in the bottom of the 11th.

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Now the second game of the series was a complete 180 from the night before. The final score was 24-4 and the winner was the Gators. The Gators forced the Tigers to go through six different pitchers. They held their lead up until the top of the third where the Gators had a breakout inning scoring six runs and taking the lead making the score 7-3. After the bottom of the second, the Tigers hadn’t scored a run until the bottom of the ninth, whereas the Gators scored every inning except for the top of the fifth. The Gators had 23 hits and one error compared to the Tiger's seven hits and five errors. While the Tigers gave up 24 runs, allowing the Gators to set an MCWS record for most runs scored in a game, they were ready to take the field Monday night in the must-win game.

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Tied at 1-1, it came down to a must-win game three. After the outstanding performance, the Gators put on the night before, the Tigers had to play their best game yet. The starting pitcher for the Tigers was sophomore Thatcher Hurd. Hurd pitched six innings and got the win for the game. While on the mound Hurd had an ERA of 5.71 allowing two hits and two runs, but struck out seven batters. After allowing a 2-run home run to Wyatt Langford in the bottom of the first, Hurd became unhittable. As for the Gators, they went through six different pitchers compared to the three the Tigers had. Not only did the Tigers have a dominant defensive game, but they also dominated offensively as well. Each starting position player racked up at least one hit apiece. The Tigers outhit the Gators 24-5. The Tigers racked up six runs in the top of the second making the score 6-2, scoring another four in the top of the fourth and the ninth. In the top of the fourth inning, Tiger catcher Alex Milazzo was injured after landing awkwardly while avoiding a tag at home plate. After being helped off the field Milazzo returned to the dugout in an orthopedic boot. Hayden Travinsk was Milazzo’s replacement. While the Tigers were dominating the Gators, the Gators didn't make a single error throughout the entirety of the game, the Tigers had one error. All four runs the Gators scored came from home runs.

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The Tigers outfielder Dylan Crews ended his remarkable career by reaching base in each of the 71 games the Tigers played. Crews is also the 2023 Golden Spikes Award winner and possible No.1 pick of the 2023 MLB Draft. In the final game of the series, Crews went 4-6, scoring three runs.

The 2023 National title is the seventh one that the Tigers have won.

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