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MLB WAGS to Follow Before the Season Begins

As the MLB season rapidly approaches, fans are eager to get an inside look at the offseason programs of some of their favorite players. Over the years, I have found that several players enjoy keeping their lives very private, staying relatively silent on social media throughout the offseason and season alike. However, their wives and girlfriends, often living their own unique lives, give us the content we all love to see from our favorite players and their families. Here are 8 MLB WAGS you should follow to get the most content before the season begins.   

Chase Carter

Photo Credits: Chase Carter (@lilbabycheezus) / Instagram

Chase Carter, the fiancée of Cody Bellinger, has made a name for herself on Instagram and in fashion for years now. Chase was a former YouTube vlogger and Instagram influencer and has been modeling for over a decade. Last year, Chase and Cody got engaged, creating a plethora of Instagram content, which is continuing now on Bellinger's path to finding a new MLB team for 2024. On her Instagram, you can often find pictures of their two children, pictures from modeling shoots, and pictures with the other WAGS of the Cubs. You can follow her on Instagram @lilbabycheezus. 


Madisyn Seager

Photo Credits: Madisyn Seager (@madyseager) / Instagram 

Madisyn Seager, the wife of Corey Seager, is best known for being an Instagram influencer. Throughout the season, Mady typically follows her husband across the country as he plays for the Texas Rangers, and she creates content for all of us to enjoy. The Seagers have been together since they were in high school and have been married since 2020. On her Instagram, you can often find pictures of the Seagers during the MLB season and photos of their dogs. You can follow her on Instagram @madyseager. 

 Chelsea Freeman

Photo Credits: Chelsea Freeman (@chelseafreeman5) / Instagram

Chelsea Freeman, the wife of Freddie Freeman, is best known for being a business owner and content creator. Chelsea is very active on social media and often shares the reality of traveling during the baseball season with her three children. She also owns the clothing company Chelsea Freeman Collection, where she makes clothing for the Dodgers and her husband's former team, the Braves. On her Instagram, you can often find promotions for her store, pictures of their three children, and lavish celebrations during the season. You can follow her on Instagram @chelseafreeman5.

Amy Cole

Photo Credits: Amy Cole (@amyc23) / Instagram

Amy Cole, a decorated UCLA softball player, made a name for herself before Gerrit Cole entered MLB. Amy was part of a sporty family growing up, and her brother, Brandon Crawford, has been a successful shortstop for the Giants his entire career. Amy and Gerrit met in college, were a formidable UCLA athletic duo, and married in 2016. Nowadays, Amy is a face for several charities and holds events to raise money for childhood cancer. On her Instagram, Cole shares snapshots of their two children during games, along with many family photos with her siblings and parents. You can follow her on Instagram @amyc23.

Kristen Turner

Photo Credits: Kristen Turner (@kristrn) / Instagram

Kristen Turner, the wife of Trea Turner, is best known for being a decorated college gymnast and social media influencer. The pair met during their years at NC State University and quickly became a powerful athletic duo. Throughout high school and college, Kristen set records for her gymnastics efforts, which were covered in Sports Illustrated. Recently, the couple gave back to their alma mater, donating a million dollars to improve the baseball and the gymnastics programs. You’ll often find pictures of their two children and snapshots throughout the MLB season on her Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram @kristrn.

Reagan Bregman

Photo Credits: Reagan Bregman (@Reaganelizabeth) / Instagram

Reagan Bregman, Alex Bregman’s wife, is best known for being an Instagram influencer and businessperson. As the founder of three companies, Reagan is usually busy on social media promoting her businesses and traveling to most Houston Astros games. Typically, she promotes her athletic wear line and acts as a model in those posts. On her Instagram, Bregman shares pictures of their son and photos from her several companies. You can follow her on Instagram @Reaganelizabeth. 

Kourtney Turner

Photo Credits: Kourtney Turner (@court_with_a_k) / Instagram 

Kourtney Turner, Justin Turner’s wife, grew up in Indiana and made her way to Los Angeles after high school to attend UCLA. After marrying Justin Turner in 2017, Kourtney co-founded the Justin Turner Foundation and still runs it today. Nowadays, Kourtney shares many pictures of her participating in marathons and is often seen there if she is not at the ballpark with her husband. On her Instagram, Kourtney often posts her husband and their dogs and snapshots behind the scenes of her podcast, Holding Kourt. You can follow her on Instagram @court_with_a_k.  

Mallory Pugh Swanson

Photo Credits: Mallory Pugh Swanson (@malpugh) / Instagram

Aside from being married to Dansby Swanson, Mallory Pugh has made a name for herself as a top women’s soccer player for the USWNT and the Chicago Red Stars. Recently, she signed a contract with Chicago to make her the highest-paid player in the NWSL. The couple started dating in 2017 and got married in 2022. On her Instagram, Pugh often shares pictures of herself and Swanson during the season and snapshots from soccer matches with her teammates. You can follow her on Instagram @Malpugh.


Edited By: Sarah Muñoz 

Social Media Content Created By: Jenna Rose Weisenbach 


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