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Must Haves: Professional Dress

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Part 1: The Basics

The Basics of Workwear

What you wear to work is important to your confidence levels. You look good and you feel good. Do you want to ace that pitch meeting?

Wear your go-to blazer and your favorite heels!

Got an important banquet?

Throw on that mature dress that is professional yet chic at the same time.

What we are trying to tell you is how you feel is important, especially at work. Studies show you perform better when you are confident with how you look. So let's break down the basics for you.

Here are the links to light collared blouses.

Amazon $24

H&M $18

Lulus $49

ASOS $34

Amazon $18

Links to gold watches:

Amazon $42

Fossil $64

Amazon $40

Fossil $60

Citizen $276

Links to a staple fitted black blazer:

ASOS $36

ZARA $49

Boohoo $30

Lulus $56

Revolve $282

Links to Trousers:

ASOS $35

Gap $80

Links to your new fav purse:

Coach $595

Coach $131

Amazon $23

Amazon $33

Links to your go-to midi skirt:

ASOS $40

Quince $59

Amazon $27

Halara $30

That's all folks! Hope you found this useful and added a few new pieces to your cart. Catch us next time with the Must-Haves series.

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