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NFL Mini-Camp Invites Record Number of XFL Players

By: Amber Clay

Edited by: Kaya Crawford

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With the XFL season coming to an end, players are seeking to extend their professional careers by participating in a NFL mini-camp where they will have the opportunity to try out for teams. The XFL has invited more than fifty players to showcase their skills to coaches and to determine if they have the talent to compete in the most popular football league in the country. Here is a list of 8 NFL Teams that are recruiting from the XFL and some of the players who have been invited to their mini-camps.

Atlanta Falcons

Courtesy of Greg Parks

Jahcour Pearson

As a standout wide receiver, Jahcour Pearson has been offered multiple NFL mini-camp opportunities. He was selected to the all-XFL team in 2023 while playing for the Seattle Sea Dragons. As a Seattle Sea Dragon, he has accumulated 670 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns, and 60 receptions.

The Falcons would benefit from his talent as their current wide receivers pose a challenge to a team looking to grow their program. As a well-established offensive player, Pearson has demonstrated a track record of success, and his offensive skills would undoubtedly benefit the Atlanta Falcons.

Courtesy of Lukas Denis

Lukas Denis

It is no secret that the Atlanta Falcons struggle on defense. In order to improve this aspect of the game, they have sent an invitation to Kevin Denis, a defensive back for the St. Louis Battle Hawks. During the 2022 season, Denis averaged 25 interceptions and 37 tackles. While Denis will not resolve all the Falcons’ defensive problems, he could at least get the team moving in the right direction.

New Orleans Saints

Courtesy of Bob Levey

Jack Heflin

The New Orleans Saints have invited Jack Heflin to their mini-camp. In the 2023 season he played for the Houston Roughnecks as a defensive tackle. He recorded 13 assisted tackles and 12 solo tackles this season. By offering Heflin a contract, the Saints will be making a strategic decision since the Saints are losing their star defensive tackles in free agency.

Courtesy of XFL

Sage Doxtater

The Saints signed Doxtater as an offensive lineman for the 2022 season. Due to injuries, he was demoted to the practice squad after playing in only one game. The Houston Roughnecks have signed him as a player for the 2023 XFL season. The Saints offered him a second chance by inviting him to their mini-camp.

Miami Dolphins

Courtesy of Mike Masala

Bryce Thompson

Thompson has signed with the Miami Dolphins as a defensive back after attending the minicamp. Thompson was a former member of the New Orleans Saints. In the following season, he played for the Seattle Sea Dragons of the XFL. Due to his performance with the Sea Dragons, his team qualified for the playoffs. He made 33 tackles and intercepted two passes during the season.

Courtesy of XFL

Freedom Akinmoladun

Akinmoladun, a defensive lineman for the St. Louis Battlehawks, has been invited to participate in the Miami Dolphins mini-camp. He has recorded 14 tackles and 7 assists during the 2023 season. His previous professional experience includes the Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, and New York Giants.

Carolina Panthers

Courtesy of The Quarter Grill

Garry Jennings

The Carolina Panthers have invited Jennings, a wide receiver for the St. Louis Battle Hawks. His stats from last season prove that he will be a great addition to the team as the general manager is still searching for a permanent wide receiver. During the 2023 XFL season, he scored 3 touchdowns and received 11 receptions for 149 yards.

Courtesy of Josh Keatley

Antwuan Jackson

Seattle Sea Dragons defensive lineman Antwuan Jackson has been invited to the Carolina Panthers mini-camp. He has recorded 14 assisted tackles and 6 solo tackles during his time with the Sea Dragons.

Buffalo Bills

Courtesy of Antoine Brooks

Antoine Brooks

The Buffalo Bulls have invited Brooks, a safety for the Seattle Sea Dragons, to attend their camp this week. During his time with the Sea Dragons this previous season, he averaged 44 tackles. Prior to joining the Sea Dragons, he played for the Los Angeles Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Courtesy of XFL Newsroom

Nate Meadors

St. Louis Battle Hawks defensive back Nate Meadors has established himself as a key player. In the 2023 season, he recorded 15 assisted tackles, 22 solo tackles, and 2 interceptions of at least 20 yards. He has also played for the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants. Adding him to the Bulls' roster would be a smart move for the Bills as the team continues to grow defensively.

Seattle Seahawks

Courtesy of Greg Luca

Jack Coan

Coan, quarterback for the San Antonio Brahmas, has been invited to tryout for the Seattle Seahawks. He completed 158 passes and scored 6 touchdowns. During the 2022 NFL season, Coan was on the Colts roster, but did not play in any games. During his time with the Brahmas, he has gained more professional experience and should be an excellent addition to the team in the 2023 season.

Denver Broncos

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Ben DiNucci

The Seattle Sea Dragons' standout quarterback, DiNucci, has made a name for himself. During his career with the Sea Dragons, he has scored 23 touchdowns, rushed for 305 yards, and completed 242 passes. In the past, he had played for the Dallas Cowboys, where he started one game and played in 3 other games. DiNucci is an outstanding young player who will succeed in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns

Courtesy of Greg Luca

Luqman Barcoo

San Antonio Brahmas defensive back, Luq Barcoo, has been a valuable member of the team. The Cleveland Browns noticed his potential and invited him to their rookie camp. During the 2023 XFL season, he recorded 21 solo tackles and 10 assisted tackles.

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