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NFL WAG Spotlight

When thinking of your favorite NFL player, you might know their game stats, how much their contract is worth, or where they went to college, but do you know their significant others? Many of the NFL wives and girlfriends (WAGs) have some of the most iconic and popular accounts on social media. From influencers to Olympic athletes, the NFL WAGs are a force to be reckoned with.

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes

Photo courtesy of @brittanylynne on Instagram

When thinking about the more popular NFL WAGs, one of the first duos you might think of is Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes. Swift is currently dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce; the two have been together since July 2023. Mahomes has been married to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes since 2022. The duo is often seen supporting their guys in matching outfits, celebrating in their suites, and out at dinners together. Both women are successes on their own with Swift being a worldwide sensation for her music and Mahomes being a fitness entrepreneur and former professional soccer player. 

You can follow both on Instagram @taylorswift and @brittanylynne.

Photo courtesy of @alix_earle on Instagram

Alix Earle

One influencer that is now dating in the NFL is Alix Earle. Earle is extremely popular on her own, with over 10 million followers across her various social media, and has recently started dating Braxton Berrios of the Miami Dolphins. Earle now has a podcast called Hot Mess where she often talks about Berrios, known affectionately by her fans as “NFL Man”. Earle originally started on Tik Tok, gaining popularity through her relatable content and “get ready with me” videos, including clips of her getting ready for Dolphins games. 

You can follow Earle on Instagram @alix_earle and on TikTok @alixearle.

Photo courtesy of @kristinjuszczyk on Instagram

Kristin Juszczyk

Kristin Juszczyk has blown up recently because of her clothing designs for other NFL WAGs, most recently designing the puffers worn by Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes in the playoff game between the Dolphins and the Chiefs. She has designed clothing for Simone Biles, Taylor Lautner, Deebo Samuel, and many more. Juszczyk is married to Kyle Juszczyk on the San Francisco 49ers. The two have been married since 2019. 

You can see more of Juszczyk and her work on Instagram @kristinjuszczyk. 

Photo courtesy of @oliviaculpo on Instagram

Olivia Culpo

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, is engaged to 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. Since winning Miss Universe, Culpo has made a career of modeling, acting, and is an active social media influencer. Most recently she played a role in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building and has a reality TV show, The Culpo Sisters.  

Culpo is on Instagram @oliviaculpo.

Photo courtesy of @philadelphiaeagles on Instagram

Kylie Kelce

Last but certainly not least, Kylie Kelce. Kelce has been an NFL wife since 2018, marrying Jason Kelce on the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelce works with the (Be)Philly Foundation to help the city’s youth and volunteers with the Eagles Autism Foundation. Kelce is popular among Eagles fans, known throughout the city as the “First Lady of Philly”. 

You can keep up with Kylie and the Kelces on Instagram @kykelce.

Edited by: Lydia Manning

Content creation by: Samantha Lopez

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