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NFL Wives and Girlfriends You Should Follow

Being a female sports fan goes deeper than the actual games—you start to catch on to the social aspect, too. Many athletes are known to date people who understand the celebrity lifestyle, but there are plenty of typical, everyday wives and girlfriends who’ve let their personalities shine through and have gained a following because of it. Whether these significant others are charitable individuals or just fun in nature, here’s a list of the women you’ll wanna keep tabs on.

Allison Rochell

Allison Rochell, more commonly known as Allison Kuch, has become quite a social media sensation since her relationship’s start with Isaac Rochell of the Las Vegas Raiders. The two met in college in 2014 and married in 2021, though later the couple revealed they had actually eloped months prior. Allison climbed to stardom after sharing insight about their relationship, the ins and outs of the NFL, and every detail in between. Allison has received many accusations of being a “gold digger” in the past but uses it to her advantage through witty TikToks. The two have a podcast titled The Babe and the Braids where they dive into issues that may arise in any relationship—not just NFL ones—though haven’t uploaded a new episode in almost two years. Allison now manages a solo podcast called Sunday Sports Club, targeted to mostly female listeners. Allison has had such an impact on the NFL, that the Raiders even made a jersey for Isaac with the name “Mr. Kuch” on the back, an ongoing joke for the couple’s followers. Allison and Isaac are also on the journey of becoming parents, with their little girl due in December, so be sure to keep up with the Kuchs.

Instagram and TikTok: @allisonkuch

Photo courtesy of Instagram @allisonkuch

Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss first earned her fame when she appeared on The Bachelor, and being engaged to the Miami Dolphins’ Jake Funk has kept her in the mix. Typical of a modern-day romance, the two met on the internet through a TikTok DM exchange, later announcing their relationship in February 2022 though they were dating back in 2021. Hannah Ann has been very candid about their story: how they met, what it’s like to move a lot, planning a wedding, etc. Outside of being engaged to Jake, she also posts a lot of regular content, like makeup and fitness routines, recipes, and outfit ideas. Hannah Ann also keeps fans in the loop regarding the small wedding that the two are planning for 2024. Hannah Ann may have already had her start in social media before Jake, but her frankness is what’s kept her in the limelight.

Instagram: @hannahann

TikTok: @hannahannsluss

Photo courtesy of Instagram @hannahann

Chanen Johnson

Chanen Johnson rose in popularity with her engaging content and infectious personality, and most importantly her relationship with Juwan Johnson. The pair met in 2017 in college as they were both student-athletes at Penn State, where he played football and she was on the gymnastics team. Juwan was signed as an unsigned free agent with the New Orleans Saints in 2020 and has since worked his way to a roster spot as a wide receiver. The couple shares a TikTok account where they accrued 2 million followers almost instantly, due largely in part to their realistic portrayal of what relationships can be like for athletes. Chanen has become a social media sensation since sharing stories of boundaries in their relationship, their brief separation, and issues with fertility. Since their marriage in 2020, the two have been very open about trying to conceive and the problems they’ve encountered on that journey. Juwan and Chanen welcomed their rainbow baby to the world in August of this year—a milestone felt by their family, friends, and fans alike. Even if Chanen hadn’t married a professional football player, she was destined to have a platform considering her goofy and candid nature.

Instagram: @chanenjohnson

TikTok: @juandchan

Photo courtesy of Instagram @chanenjohnson

Simone Biles

Simone Biles has been a household name for quite some time now, but not to her husband, apparently. Simone’s husband, Jonathan Owens of the Green Bay Packers, actually said he hadn’t heard of her before they started dating. When Jonathan played for the Texans, he told Texas Monthly that he “didn’t know who she was” despite being one of the most decorated Olympic gymnasts. Simone said she reached out to him on social media in 2020 and they hung out just a week later. This was something that Simone liked, interestingly enough, and the two made their relationship public in April 2020. Jonathan took his support for her to social media when she withdrew from the Olympic final in 2021 to focus on her mental health. The couple tied the knot in the US in April this year, then once more in May for a destination wedding in Mexico. Since then, Simone has been seen on the sidelines at Lambeau Field cheering on her husband while still maintaining an athletic career of her own. Simone has been an icon on her own, but being married to an NFL player has allowed her to shed light on difficulties as two professional athletes in a long-distance relationship—which only makes her followers adore her drive more.

Instagram: @simonebiles

TikTok: @simonebilesowens

Photo courtesy of Instagram @packers

Ciara Wilson

Ciara Wilson, also known as just Ciara, rose to stardom on her own terms with her singing career. She met her now husband, Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos, in 2015 and they’ve been together ever since. The couple made headlines when they announced they would remain celibate until they were married. Their candid insight on celibacy in a relationship caught people’s attention and they’ve been a fan favorite couple ever since. Ciara has a child from a previous relationship with rapper Future, and Ciara and Russell have welcomed two of their own into the family. The pair have been known for their resolute love for one another and how they show it. Just recently in October, Russell rented out a Waffle House for Ciara’s 38th birthday. Ciara boasted about it on her Instagram—a true example of how love is composed of the little things. They also co-founded the Why Not You Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fights poverty through means of education. Ciara and Russell Wilson are the textbook example of a power couple.

Instagram and TikTok: @ciara

Photo courtesy of Instagram @dangerusswilson

As sports enthusiasts, especially female sports enthusiasts, following the women behind our favorite athletes is a fun way to combine a love for sports and the simple joys of being a woman. In following the women above, you're sure to find a new appreciation for what it takes to be an athlete—and what it takes to be their significant other.

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