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Off Track Entertainment: What to do During the F1 Winter Break

In approximately 78 days, Formula 1 will be back on the TV screens of many fans, but for now, here is what you can do to sustain the need for speed.

What to watch:

Netflix is a great streaming service that appeals to the general F1 audience. The streaming platform provides viewers with the docuseries “Drive to Survive” which will release its sixth season in early 2024. The new season of the series tends to be released a few weeks before the testing as a way for fans to catch up on the previous season. The series follows all 20 drivers and how they manage the twists and turns of the season.

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Another documentary that is great to watch on Netflix is “Schumacher.” “Schumacher” tells the story of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher through homemade videos and interviews of those who are closest to him like his wife, kids, and four- time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Netflix also has a documentary about Juan Manuel Fangio who was an F1 driver that dominated the sport for a decade. The documentary features films from old races showcasing the talent that Fangio had. The film also highlights how the old style of old F1 cars and the change in design throughout the years.

Finally, Netflix has provided F1 fans with one of the most exciting movies that capture an exciting rivalry. The movie “Rush” stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt and Daniel Brühl as Niki Lauda. The film highlights the rivalry between Hunt and Lauda as well as Ferrari and McLaren.

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What to read:

The winter break can be a perfect time for F1 fans to start some light reading to fulfill those raceless Sundays.  Formula 1: The Official History is a great way for fans to learn about the past legends and the present stars of F1. The book showcases the championship standings between the decades.  It mentions key concepts when it comes to car design, the personal lives of drivers, and famous incidents that have happened throughout the history of this sport.

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For the rom-com fans, Lauren Asher has come to save the day. Asher is the author of the series known as “Dirty Air”, which is a series of four standalone books that all revolve in the same universe of the main male characters being F1 drivers. The “Dirty Air” series is the perfect escape for both book lovers and F1 fans to be entertained during these next few weeks.

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What to listen to:

It is no secret that every F1 fan would rather be listening to the sound of the engines roaring and the cars speeding around circuits on a Sunday but sadly the sound will have to wait. Meanwhile here are some F1 podcasts to fill your ears during this winter break. “Going Purple” with Lissie Mackintosh gives listeners an inside scoop of the Motorsport world which is great for any new or old fans to enjoy. F1:Beyond the Grid is a podcast that is on Spotify and it is produced by the Formula 1  corporation itself. The podcast provides insightful interviews with drivers regarding their careers and team principals and their strategies.

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While the sound of F1 cars is something that many of us are hoping to hear again soon, for now, these activities will have to be enough for the next 78 days.

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