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Overview of the Top Players from the 2024 NFL Draft

This year’s NFL Draft ran from April 25 - April 27, just about a month post-combine. The NFL Combine is a great way to see prospects' skills and a way for the public to get to know the players as well. Of course each year there are standout/favorite players in the combine. So let’s go over a few prospects and where they ended up.

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1. Caleb Williams

Caleb Willams was a quarterback for the University of Southern California (USC). Between his arm strength, playmaking abilities, and his mobility, Williams was definitely a player to keep an eye out at the combine. Except Williams chose to not take part in the Combine drills like the other players, he instead chose to display his skills at USC’s Pro Day. Pro Day is an event held in the spring that gives the opportunity for players to show their skills there on campus. They are very similar to the Combine, just slightly more personal. Despite not participating in Combine drills, he was still solidified as a top quarterback prospect. It was even said that he’s the best college quarterback prospect in almost a decade. Many predicted that he would go first overall. And they were right, Williams went to the Chicago Bears as their first overall pick. This is not only an accomplishment for Williams, but also for USC as this means they now hold the record for the most players selected as the top pick in the draft. Williams also might just be exactly what the Bears need, he’s given fans hope that this season might be the start of something better. Though some do believe even with how good Williams is, it’s still his rookie season and projections are showing he will not pass any records this season.

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2. Marvin Harrison Jr.

Marvin Harrison Jr. was a wide receiver for Ohio State and was one to watch going into the draft. The Combine showcased his speed, hands, and exceptional and precise route-running. Not only does he have speed, but he also has consistent play speed, which means he isn’t going to burn out fast. He’s good at uncovering no matter what and can complete catches even in the middle of a group. Harrison Jr. ended up going 4th overall to the Arizona Cardinals. Something different about Harrison Jr. is that, unlike other top-drafted prospects, he hasn’t had any on-field action since November 25th, 2023. This is because Harrison Jr. was resting his body and getting himself prepared for his first season in the NFL. This was a plan thought out by him and his father who is a Hall of Fame receiver. After they looked at the order of the teams and roughly estimated where he might end up going. They figured the highest he could go, based on the top few teams and what they needed, was fourth overall. So, in their discussion, they weighed out both options in which he could rest up and prepare for the season or go to the Combine and Pro Days. With their careful calculation and discussion, all of his decisions led him to get picked fourth at the Draft. Harrison Jr. ended up making his public debut for the first day of rookie minicamp on May 10th at the Arizona Cardinals practice field.

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3. Joe Alt

Joe Alt was an offensive tackle for the University of Notre Dame. Alt was a leading offensive line prospect because of his technique and athleticism. At the combine, Alt had a 5.05-second 40-yard dash with a 1.73-second split. That tied him for ninth-best across the offensive lineman. Going into the draft Alt was projected to be a first-round pick, and many analysts predicted that he could go top 10 as well. Alt was widely viewed as a cornerstone player who would be able to start immediately and be able to anchor an offensive line. For teams that needed a franchise left tackle, Alt was the player to want. Alt ended up going fifth overall by the Los Angeles Chargers.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these great players and what they do in the NFL.

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