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Ranking the U.S. Gymnastics Championships leotards

The 2024 Senior Women’s National Team, courtesy of USA Gymnastics

The Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships, the last elite competition ahead of the Olympic Trials, took place from May 30 to June 2. The meet was the last chance for athletes to earn a spot for the Olympic Trials and show individuality through their leotards before rocking red, white, and blue.

I always look forward to seeing the leotards at gymnastics competitions, and every athlete looked stunning at the U.S. Championships. Gymnasts showed pops of color, and elegant neutrals, paid homage to inspiring women, and let their personalities shine alongside their talent on the competition floor.

It was incredibly hard to rank the leos with how beautiful each one was. Each leo suited the athletes perfectly and gave the athletes a presence of grace and power that complemented their routines.


Joscelyn Roberson, Day 1

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics

Joscelyn Roberson, a member of the gold medal-winning team at the 2023 World Championship, stunned in the World Championship Centre (WCC) leotard on day one. I don’t think anyone can ever go wrong with a black leo, and this one is elegant and anything but plain. My favorite part is the ombre sleeves and the design of the rhinestones which is simple and well-done.


Skye Blakely, Day 2

Courtesy of Skye Blakely (@skyeblakely) on Instagram

The white leo worn by the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) one looks gorgeous on Skye Blakely. In NCAA gymnastics, white leos had an association with unluckiness (though perhaps LSU broke the curse with their championship win in a white leo), but Blakely's performance showcased confidence and poise. The simplicity makes the look so exquisite, which lets Blakely’s gymnastics stand out and speak for itself in the U.S. Championships, where she proved she should not be counted out of anyone’s predictions for the Olympic team.


Kayla DiCello, Day 2

Courtesy of Kayla DiCello (@kayladicello) on Instagram

The rhinestones are absolutely dazzling on Kayla DiCello’s black leo, and I love that they are the focus of it. Their decoration across a dark background makes them stand out like stars, reflecting the star that DiCello has become. I also love that this leo has three-quarter sleeves, so the rhinestones at the bottom can still be seen when grips are put on for bars, an event I love watching DiCello compete on. 


Leanne Wong, Day 1

Courtesy of Leanne Wong (@leanne.wong_) on Instagram

I cannot describe Leanne Wong’s first leo in any other way than it is just “so Leanne,” which is the best compliment I can give. It is so vibrant yet elegant and fun and graceful, just like her gymnastics. I love the choice of colors, especially when teal is rarely seen in elite or collegiate competitions. The touch of pink, shades of blue, and mesh sleeves make this such a lively leotard.


Simone Biles, Day 1

Courtesy of Gymnastics Now

The first leo Simone Biles wore is so classic. I love the simple yet stylish design of the rhinestones and the alternating of black and white. The leo looks perfect for a performance, which is exactly what Simone Biles brought to the (vault) table.


Skye Blakely, Day 1

Courtesy of Skye Blakely (@skyeblakely) on Instagram

The purple and periwinkle colors of Blakely’s day one leo are gorgeous. The rhinestone design is also fun but not overdone. At the 2012 Olympics, in addition to all of the patriotic leos, the U.S. gymnastics team had a purple leo. I would love to see the Olympic team this year have one leo with a unique color, and I would love for it to be the periwinkle in this leo’s top and mesh sleeves.


Trinity Thomas, Day 2

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics

Okay at this rate, maybe I just love seeing leos in different colors, but I always love seeing leos that find subtle ways to stand out. Best known for rocking the University of Florida’s blue and orange, Trinity Thomas, the NCAA record holder for most Perfect 10s, wore a gorgeous sage leotard. While the color of this leo doesn’t pop out, it looks amazing on Thomas and has a soft touch of sparkle and mesh that brings together a graceful look.


Joscelyn Roberson, Day 2

Courtesy of Joscelyn Roberson (@josc_roberson) on Instagram

Another teal leo! On the second day of the competition, WCC went for a vibrant look. Leotards with high colors have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. I love the touch of rhinestones on this leo’s collar, making it look like a necklace. The intricate work of sparkles throughout this leo is well-done and not overdone, and allows the mesh sleeves and color to have their own moment. Joscelyn Roberson’s smile and her strong floor performance match the leo perfectly.


Leanne Wong, Day 2

Courtesy of Leanne Wong (@leanne.wong_) on Instagram

Remember when I said I’d like to see the U.S. wear a periwinkle leo at the Olympics? I’d also love to see a pink leo like the one Nastia Liukin wore at the 2008 Olympics. Leanne Wong was pretty in pink on the second day of the competition. I love the colors that Wong chose for the U.S. Championships. The pink sleeves, sparkly top, and black bottom with a sparkly belt design makes this look so chic. 


Trinity Thomas, Day 1

Courtesy of Trinity Thomas (@gymtrin) on Instagram

Trinity Thomas wore a gorgeous black and blue leotard on the first day of the competition. I love that, with the shade of blue (and her matching blue hair), it pays homage to her alma mater without feeling completely like a Florida leo. The rhinestones on the top and down the sleeves, the ombre, the belt look, and the solid-colored bottom give this leo a classic look. I would love to see the Gators gymnastics team use this leo in a meet next season. 


Suni Lee, Day 1

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics (@usagym) on Instagram

I love this color and the joy on Suni Lee’s face during this competition. While a lot is going on with this leo with the fun color, mesh, rhinestones, and a criss-cross design across the front, it feels more fun than it does overwhelming. 


Kayla DiCello, Day 1

Courtesy of Kayla DiCello (@kayladicello) on Instagram

Kayla DiCello’s first leo of the competition is simple in color and design, in the most subtle, elegant way. I love the design of the rhinestones on the front of the leo and the end of the sleeves. The sleeves are actually my favorite part of the leo; I love the ombre and the solid ring around the end. DiCello’s look shows that there can be so much power in a simple look.


Jade Carey, Day 2

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics (@usagym) on Instagram

The reigning golden girl on the floor exercise chose royal blue for the second day of the competition. I love that this leo is just one solid color that lets the sparkle all over it. I always love a sparkly leo, it’s always the first thing that catches my eye, and this might be my favorite rhinestone work ever on a leo. The collar, the belt, the design of the top, and the trickling of sparkles down the sleeves makes this leo absolutely stunning.


Jade Carey, Day 1

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics (@usagym) on Instagram

Jade Carey wore my favorite leo from the first day of the senior women’s competition in the U.S. Championships. GK Elite, the most popular leotard brand, outdid themselves with the rhinestone work on Carey’s leotards for this competition. I love how the sparkles around her collar and down the front of the leo look like jewelry. The simple color and pop of sparkle made Jade shine like the gem she is. 


Simone Biles, Day 2

Courtesy of USA Gymnastics

I am absolutely obsessed with the leo Simone Biles wore when she clinched her ninth national title and won all five event titles. The soft pink and mesh sleeves look gorgeous on her, and I love the subtle color in the rhinestones. The GOAT shined at the U.S. Championships and did so in style.

Honorable mention: Shilese Jones

Courtesy of Shiles Jones (@shicanfly) on TikTok

I’m sad we didn’t get the chance to see Shilese Jones compete in the U.S. Championships, which she withdrew from due to a shoulder injury. But this rest hopefully means we see her compete at the Olympic Trials and make the Olympic team. After the competition, Jones posted a TikTok showing the gorgeous leo she would’ve worn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a leo with this neckline, and I love the color and simplicity.

In a league of her own: Jordan Chiles

Courtesy of Inside Gymnastics Magazine (@insidegym) on Instagram

A couple of years ago, Jordan Chiles wore perhaps the most memorable leotard of a non-Olympic meet: the Wonder Woman leotard. Chiles dazzled in the U.S. Championships and both of her leotards paid homage to another iconic woman: Beyoncé. With the performances and excitement Chiles brings to every competition, these looks were so fitting for her and executed perfectly. I also love that she went with a bold and colorful look, especially one with so much detail never before seen in an elite competition leo, and one that is simple and elegant. I wish Chiles could come up with the design for every leo.


Suni Lee, Day 2

Courtesy of Sunisa Lee (@sunisalee) on Instagram

I cannot express just how much I love this classy look, and the overall look of happiness displayed by Suni Lee in the U.S. Championship. The high collar is executed so well on this leo, and I love Lee’s matching red lipstick. I would love to see the U.S. have a similar look at the Olympics, with the lipstick included. I love the subtle floral designs on the mesh sleeves, something I’ve never seen before that looks gorgeous paired with the bold red. The red of the leo radiates confidence, something Lee seemed to gain back at the conclusion of this competition.

Edited By: Bailey Massey

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