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sooo hungry, need to find Megan Julian and head to pf changs

Courtesy of @meganbjulian via Instagram

The NFL may divide people amongst its 32 different fanbases, but one team they’ve all seemed to collectively root for (some maybe on the down low) is the Los Angeles Chargers’ social media team. The team was the #1 Ranked NFL Twitter Account in 2019 and 2022 by Complex Magazine. They’ve also won the Webby People's Voice Award for Social (Sports) in 2022 and their behind-the-scenes series, All In, was an honoree for the Video, Best Editing category. And it’s all thanks to their commander-in-chief, Megan.

Courtesy of @meganbjulian via Instagram

Megan Julian, the Director of Social Media and Content Performance for the LA Chargers, was initially hired as a Social Media Coordinator in April 2018, even moving to the LA County area for the career change. Megan more than worked her way up to the Director position she holds now, and her resume is proof of that. Her career experiences serve as the perfect testimony to the different avenues women in sports navigate as they advance within the field. Megan certainly had this journey in mind, not knowing where it would take her, but still focused on her ultimate dream:

“So out of college, I knew I wanted to work in sports. I had a revelation my junior year that social media for a sports team was a job and I immediately knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t land a job right out of college and it took me about a year working in a nonprofit before the Spurs took a chance on me." - Megan Julian for Front Office Sports

Courtesy of @meganbjulian via Instagram

Before she kick started her career in sports media, Megan attended Trinity University to study Communications and Sports Management, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in both. She was more than involved on campus as well, beginning as a Sports Editor and eventually, the Managing Editor for Trinity’s award-winning newspaper, The Trinitonian. It’s also pertinent to add that she was prominent in her campus’ Greek life, serving as the Rush Chair for Chi Beta Epsilon Sorority. Megan never backed down from any opportunity that came her way, even if it eventually meant taking the leap from the NBA to the NFL. 

Courtesy of @meganbjulian via Instagram

Megan’s very first role was an office secretary for the Texas Rainmakers in 2008. It’s almost reminiscent of the Chargers’ first tweet (then led by Joel Price): “sooo hungry, need to find my wife and head to pf changs,” because upon first glance, it seems simple and unassuming, but no one knew how much it would blow up.

She bounced around various internships and creative media roles for different organizations, finally achieving her big break in 2018 when she became the Social Media Coordinator for the San Antonio Spurs. Here, she was responsible for overseeing the production and execution of social media content, covering all team-related events and games, and producing it all in a timely manner. It was certainly a lot, but Megan proved to be an advocate for learning all that you can within roles outside your own. 

“I don’t ever want to tell someone to do something that I don’t know how to do myself, or that I can’t guide them or help them in.” - Megan Julian for Front Office Sports

Courtesy of @meganbjulian via Instagram

When Megan finally made the transition into her dream role as social media coordinator for the LA Chargers in 2018, she knew she was in the right place. She moved up the ranks quickly, graduating from manager roles to the director position she holds today. Keeping things real and authentic was always a goal of Megan’s, and she was able to express this motto with the creative freedom the Chargers provided her with. It certainly contributes to all the tweets and Instagram posts that leave us laughing and perhaps even cheering for the Chargers a little more. 

“We’re really trying to embody who our team is and the messages they’re delivering to fans, and the messages that they’re delivering to each other. They’re a little bit hypey, a little bit out there, but that’s who we are and that’s the voice we’re doing.” - Megan Julian for Front Office Sports

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