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The History Behind College Football Traditions

Courtesy of Hawkeye Sports Properties

College football has traditions dating back to the early 1800’s. Each program has its own unique traditions, each with their own story behind them. While it is very hard to rank them best to worst, there are definitely some that stand out more than others.

Courtesy of Arkansas Football

Today, I’ll be explaining some of the traditions, starting out with the Calling The Hogs. This is a University of Arkansas Football tradition that is said to have started in the 1920’s. While its official origin is not known, the story is that the tradition started when a group of farmers that were at a game started hog calls to try and encourage the losing team. It seemed to work, and others started to join in. The next game, there was a group that organized the "Wooo, Pig, Sooie." cheer. It stuck and is now the best known cheer at the university.

Courtesy of Sean Merriman

Up next, is the University of Wisconsin. This well known tradition started in 1998 when the popular song “Jump Around” by House of Painwas played at the beginning of the third quarter of a game against Purdue - who was led by Drew Brees at the time - and the fans went crazy. A tradition was born that night, and now at the start of each third quarter at Camp Randall Stadium, the iconic song plays and the whole crowd gets on their feet.

Courtesy of Hokie Sports

Arguably one of the most iconic college football traditions is from Virginia Tech. This tradition is more recent than the last couple as it started in 2000. That year, the Hokies had installed a new scoreboard and wanted to show it off with a cool entrance. The chosen song for this was “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. The team walks from the facility and around the practice field before entering the narrow tunnel. They hold at the tunnel entrance until the song begins, and, as those opening notes begin, the crowd loses their mind. The team will hold a couple more seconds before running onto the field, touching the Hokie Stone as they pass under it.

Courtesy of Charlie Neibergall

Last but not least is the most wholesome college football tradition. The University of Iowa's tradition started in 2017 when Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital finished the top floor. Looking down from the top floor is a perfect view of the next door stadium. At the end of the first quarter, all of the Hawkeyes fans turn and wave at the ill children and their loved ones. With this tradition, even the opposing team’s fans join in.

All in all there are many interesting traditions in college sports, which one is your favorite?

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