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These Content Creators Will Get You Geared Up For Football Season

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

With football season less than two weeks away, there is much going on for all 32 teams. Roster cuts, trade deadlines, surprise injuries…it’s a lot to keep up with! Social media is one of the best tools to use when accessing up-to-date information. Thus, I took on the (not really) daunting task of scouring Instagram for some of the best football sports creators to follow. I watched every reel, skimmed every post, stalked every following to compile this list. You can thank me later. ;)

Courtesy of @bellarasmussen

First up on this list is Bella Rasmussen, who is widely known for her role as “the girl who plays football.” I’ll take it a step further and inform you that she isn’t just the girl who plays football, she’s also the first girl to score two touchdowns in a game. Aside from casually signing an NIL deal, Bella also partnered with Eksperience, a platform created by LA Chargers running back Austin Ekeler, to provide fans with several player engagement opportunities. Bella is truly an inspiration since she understands the game so intimately on and off the field.

Courtesy of @surferpeighton

Next up is TikTok sensation herself, Peighton Tubre. I accidentally stumbled across her account on Instagram when I watched a reel she’d made about being a girl who will happily join in on the boys’ football drills. Need I say more?

Peighton also highlights some of the best moments in sports, gives tips for avid fantasy football participants, and interviews other professionals, just to name a few. Her knowledge of the sport is admirable, making her a follow-worthy candidate.

Courtesy of @rachelbonnetta

Arguably one of the most entertaining creators in the sports industry, Rachel Bonnetta first went viral for her impressions of various athletes and coaches. She’s done Joe Burrow, Brian Daboll, Russell Wilson, and countless others, donning costumes and perfecting their mannerisms as she rehearses their post-game interviews. With this hilarious content, it’s obvious that she’s done her research, not just on the players’ interviews, but on the game of football itself.

Courtesy of @melaniewilking

Another fun one to add to your following list is Melanie Wilking. Yes, the inner LA Chargers fan in me followed her but football fandom aside, Melanie will literally and figuratively dance her way into your heart. Her positive energy is top-tier and she has a knack for posting fun dances, GRWM videos, and all the gameday outfit inspo you need.

Courtesy of @itslaurenrussell

Lauren Russell, aka @shegotsports on Instagram, posts nothing but videos on her feed so I had to take to her personal account for this picture. Talk about dedication! She is easily one of the most informed creators on the app and while she is known for her spontaneous interviews with football fans, she also shares obscure facts, historical anecdotes and so much more. The possibilities are endless with Lauren!

Courtesy of @agentnicolelynn

Nicole Lynn, aka the woman who ultimately contributed to Jalen Hurts’ financial success, is a must-follow for sports fans. She has not only proven herself to be an excellent agent to numerous athletes, she has also written a book titled “Agent You,” covered the NFL Draft, and is currently serving as the president of football operations at Klutch Sports Group. One can’t be shy to get lost scrolling through her carefully curated and admirable feed.

Courtesy of @womenofthenfl

To wrap it all up, we have @womenofthenfl. More of a community, less of a singular creator, @womenofthenfl provides followers with the most authentic and unfiltered experiences that come with being in relationships with football players. We may be desensitized to roster cuts and sudden trades, but this platform certainly opened my eyes to the not-so-pretty side of football. They certainly keep us informed in less acknowledged ways.

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