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Three Iconic and Sentimental Looks from the 2023 Drafts

Draft Day is an important day for athletes everywhere who plan on playing at a professional level. For most, it’s also a very emotional day. These athletes have worked their entire lives to get to this point. While all athletes show up on draft day dressed to impress, some athletes take it a step further. Let’s take a look back at three iconic and sentimental looks from the NHL, NFL, and NBA 2023 Drafts.

“It takes a village”

In this year’s NHL Draft, former Michigan centerman, Adam Fantilli, was drafted third overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Fantilli showed up to the draft in what appeared to be a simple maroon-colored suit, but there was more to the suit than meets the eye. Fantilli’s suit was custom-made by King and Bay Custom Clothing. The inside of his jacket was lined with photos of friends and family, but the sentimental aspect of his suit does not stop there. Fantilli’s vest had over 140 names listed on the back and at the bottom were the words “It takes a village.” Those names belong to friends, loved ones, coaches, and others who helped Fantilli get to where he is today.

Courtesy of Aaron Portzline

Colombian Roots

In the 2023 NFL Draft, former Oregon cornerback, Christain Gonzalez, was drafted 17th overall by the New England Patriots. Gonzalez showed up to the draft in an all-white luxury suit. The suit was bright white, shiny, and clean. After being picked and getting to center stage, Gonzalez opened his jacket to reveal the vibrant colors of his roots. The inside of his suit was lined with the colors of the Colombian flag. Gonzalez is proud of his roots and that is why he chose to add that aspect to his draft day suit. In an interview, he explained that American football is not commonly played in South America and he wanted to show little kids that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Courtesy of David Eulitt

A Family Tree

In this year’s NBA Draft, point guard Scoot Henderson was drafted third overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. Henderson was all blinged out for the 2023 NBA Draft, where each colored gem was a member of his family. He was wearing an all-black Indochino suit with the jacket being covered in gemstones representing his family tree.

The jacket was designed by Henderson’s sister, China. The different colored gemstones on his jacket represented his family members’ birthstones. With the suit, Henderson was also wearing a variety of chains. One that stuck out in particular was his Henderson seven chain; a chain that everyone in the family has. Henderson comes from a large family, he is one of seven kids. His suit was a way of representing his family on such an important day.

Courtesy of Wendell Cruz

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