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Tough Times for the Tigers

Courtesy of Doug Murray

Clemson Football is currently not having a great year, and they aren’t anywhere close to the national championship or ACC title. At the moment their overall record for the season is 4-4 which isn’t even close to last year’s 11-3 record. There are still five weeks left in the season of course, but it is not looking good for the Tigers. Coach Dabo Swinney seems to be on his last straw with this, especially after a call-in on his weekly show on Monday.

Swinney’s weekly call-in show “Tiger Calls” allows fans to be able to get the chance to “talk directly to their head coach”. On Monday, September 30th, Swinney took a call from “Tyler from Spartanburg” who decided to use this opportunity to talk about his frustrations with the team's performance this season and to criticize the head coach, before going on to ask the head coach about his coaching contract. And the fact that it is a $115 million contract that pays him over $11 million per year through 2031. The question was not taken well by Swinney since it was concerning the fact that the team has not been performing well as of late.

Courtesy of Lance King

The head coach went on to give a five-minute response to Tyler. Swinney even called Tyler himself part of the problem stating, “The expectation is greater than the appreciation, and that’s the problem.” and “We’ve won 12 10-plus-win seasons in a row. That’s happened three times in 150 years… Clemson ain’t sniff a national championship for 35 years. We’ve won two in seven years, and there’s only two other teams that can say that: Georgia and Alabama. Is this a bad year? Yeah, and it’s my responsibility. I take 100% responsibility for it.… Listen man, you can have your opinion all you want, and you can apply for the job and good luck to you.” Swinney went on to accuse Tyler and other fans like him of just now having an issue with Swinney’s tenure due to the bad season.

Courtesy of David Jensen

Currently, Clemson is in the middle of one of their worst regular seasons under Coach Swinney. This is their first four-loss streak since Swinney’s fourth year with the team in 2011. That same year was when Clemson began their 12 straight 10-win seasons.

With the season drawing to an end, it’s impossible for Clemson to move up the ranks. Hopefully, by next season, the team will be able to rise back to their former glory.

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