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What to Expect at a PGA Event

Right now the Professional Golf Association (PGA) is hot and filled with talented athletes. The US Open just took place in Los Angeles and the top five players are who to look at this season.

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Wyndham Clark didn’t have much of a name until the US Open, but after he won with a score of -10, he’s hard to miss. Rory Mcilroy, a determined staple player, hasn't won a PGA event since 2022 in South Carolina. McIlroy’s last major championship victory was back in 2014. Rickie Fowler joined the tour in 2010, but hasn’t won a PGA tournament since 2019. Scottie Scheffler joined the tour in 2020, has already won a Masters and recently was The Players Champion.

Having knowledge of the players involved in the tournament is a good way to know how you’ll start your day. Most people decide to follow their favorites rather than campout at a certain hole. I attended the Memorial tournament in Dublin, Ohio on June 3.

When I got to the course, the first thing I had to do was scan my ticket. Which I tied to my Lululemon belt bag which in my opinion is ESSENTIAL for a golf event. It’s the perfect size to hold my phone, card holder and keys. I wore an athletic dress, golf hat and comfortable tennis shoes to pair with it. Clothes can differ based on course, I was able to just wear an athletic dress and followed the dress code. The guys wore collared shirts, but there was an occasional T-shirt.

I walked in and was welcomed by the fifth hole green. Once there, I saw Scottie Scheffler putt then followed him over to hole six. At the sixth hole, there’s also a concession stand where I had a pretty decent turkey sandwich and got a bottle of water. If attending, know the food offered is sandwiches or bags of chips. At the Muirfield Village Golf Club, they did not take cash and only took cards.

After seeing Scheffler tee off and finish the hole, I stayed around and waited for Rory McIlory to play in. He was about three groups away from Scheffler so it wasn’t a long wait. When finding spots to stand or sit, shade is what to look for. The sun was beaming down and it was nice to get a break.

When each player is about to hit the ball, volunteers silence those around watching and make sure it stays quiet until the player has played through. The players hitting don’t speak to fans and occasionally point a club thanking them for the praise.

I didn’t attend the last day of the tournament, but Viktor Hovland came out on top with a score of -7. Hovland is originally from Norway and joined the tour in 2020. He won in a playoff against Denny McCarthy.

No matter your reason for attending a PGA event, it’s always good to be prepared. Knowing the athletes, order of groups and being familiar with the course are what I would recommend one would research when experiencing their first tournament.

Courtesy of Emma Brannare

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