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When Speed Meets Style: Charlotte Tillbury Begins New Sponsorship with the F1 Academy

Perform great while looking great are the words that come to mind when the new collaboration of Charlotte Tilbury and the F1 Academy was announced. The iconic makeup brand has announced its first ever global sports sponsorship with the F1 academy on Feb. 15th. 

The makeup brand is the first ever female-founded brand and beauty brand to sponsor the F1 Academy. The brand will not only sponsor the academy as a whole but also 18-year-old Lola Lovinfosse. Lovinfosse will be driving for Rodin Motorsport after it was announced that she would have support from the brand. 

The mantra “Makeup Your Destiny!” will be displayed on the Lovinfosse’s livery, race suit and helmet during the season. The mantra will not only be used to empower the ladies of the F1 Academy but also its fans. The stats for the 2022 season have shown that 40% of F1 fans were female. As the overall sport begins to gain popularity, it is important that women and young girls not only feel empowered by the message but included in it as well. 

Courtesy of F1 Academy Limited

As President, Chairman, CCO and founder of the beauty brand, Charlotte Tilbury believes that partnering with the F1 Academy will help with this goal and the aspirations.

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty/F1 Academy/PA

The F1 Academy will enter its second season this year and will feature some new faces on the grid. The academy will once again be led by managing director Susie Wolff; however, leading the F1 Academy is not Wolff’s only accomplishment. In 2014, she took part in a free practice at the British Grand Prix, becoming the first woman in 22 years to drive an F1 car. Wolff believes that the partnership between the iconic makeup brand and the academy is the perfect way to inspire young girls to chase their dreams and to believe in themselves. 

While the idea of women in motorsports is still one not many seem to grapple with, this partnership is the perfect opportunity to break these barriers. Women everywhere will not only look good knowing that they have purchased a high-quality product, but they will feel good knowing that the brand they are supporting is supporting the dreams and careers of many young girls.

Edited by: Kendall Merriett

Social Media Content Created by: Callista Carreiro

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