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2024 NHL All-Star Recap

Photo Courtesy Frank Gunn/AP

The annual 2024 NHL All-Star took place this weekend at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. From thrilling on-ice performances to hockey philanthropy, the weekend was one to remember from thrills on and off the ice.

To honor Canadian culture, four stars from Canada were chosen to co-captain four teams of players out of the 44 players selected. As predicted, Justin Bieber and Auston Matthews partnered, while Tate McRae and Nate Mackinnon became a team. Michael Bublé captained Team Hughes, and Will Arnett captained Team McDavid.

Not to mention, Tate McRae put on a killer performance, starting a social media frenzy with the University of Michigan and her ex-boyfriend, Cole Sillinger of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Photo Courtesy Nathan Denette/ AP

The weekend kicked off with the Skills Competition. Connor McDavid asserted his dominance as the fastest skater in the NHL and beat Cale Makar, snagging the $1 million award. There were other winners, as well as many eliminations. In the end, the dye had been cast, and two teams were left at the semi-finals; Team McDavid and Team Matthews.

Two of the best players currently in the NHL pitted against each other was a great setup. Not to mention the team lineups, with the likes of Igor Shesterkin and David Pasternak, whose respective teams are in the top sixteen in the standings.

The NHL All Star was more competitive than it was this last year, and it showed in the final showdown between Team McDavid and Matthews.

Despite the odds turning to Team McDavid, Matthews put up two back-to-back goals in the final quarter to secure victory that weekend, weaving through the weakened defense for a highlight-reel goal that electrified the crowd.

But that wasn’t the only major thing that happened that weekend. Shockingly, a lot.

This is one of the last years where the NHL All-Star will be replaced. On February 2, it was announced by Gary Bettman that the NHL would be making a comeback to the Winter Olympics. In addition to this, another announcement was made: there will be no NHL All-Star weekend for the 2024-2025 season.

It will be replaced by the 2025 NHL 4 Nations Face-Off, which will take place over a two-week period from February12-20. The United States, Canada, Finland, and Sweden will all participate. It will be similar to the NHL All Star which is a display and celebration of the culture of hockey, but with the added twist of many more teams and countries. Overall, the reactions have been mixed. It seems that the new event will replace the fun and thrill of the All-star weekend, but still be a fun showcase that serves as a mid-season break from the regular season of the NHL.

In its final year, the 2024 NHL All-Star Game was not just a showcase of hockey's best but a celebration of hockey itself. The best players in the league are selected not only to perform but also to give back to the communities that keep them going.

Photo Courtesy Getty Images

As the NHL looks ahead to retiring All-Star events, all of the weekends will be remembered as not only a great show but a display of the best of the NHL and the culture in the cities where they are held.

Edited by: Lily Hayes

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