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Allison Kuch's Rise to Fame

Whether you watch and follow the NFL or not, you have probably seen Allison Kuch on your For You page on TikTok.

Kuch is married to NFL player Issac Rochell, who currently plays for Las Vegas Raiders. She has blown up all over TikTok this past year for her hilarious content and for showing everyone what it is like to be a wife to an NFL player.

These college sweethearts have been through quite a lot this season. This season, Issac was juggled between the practice squad and active roster with the Cleveland Browns and then got traded to the Las Vegas Raiders close to the end of the season. With this change came lots of interesting content from Allison.

She took everybody through the emotions of the practice squad situation and then being traded and having to move. Even though this was a challenging and stressful time, Kuch made the best out of it in her videos with hilarious commentary and clips.

Kuch currently has 2.3 million followers on TikTok and 268 thousand on Instagram. She has said this offseason that she would like to post more on YouTube where she has 106 thousand followers.

She has over one million views on most of her TikToks and the most viewed ones are about her relationship. These two also have two dogs and one cat that take part in some of their content.

Along with posting content about football, she has an Airbnb account for the couple's house in Arizona.

Kuch has also joined a podcast called "Women of the League" where she shares her story with other wives of football husbands.

On this podcast, there are many different things talked about like moving around the league, game days, the offseason, and much more.

In one episode, Kuch shared, “I think people don’t see the struggle of moving around with the NFL and having to make friends.”

Kuch sharing her story and showing not only the good times, but also the hard is what has gained her so much popularity. Lots of people enjoy all of the content that she posts but she also has to deal with jealous people who think she doesn’t have a job or do anything.

Along with the podcast she has also been shared on the NFL account.

She continues to grow in popularity as she makes people laugh by giving a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like being an NFL player's wife who gets to enjoy going to games, or should I say “the office.”

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