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MLB Playoffs Kickoff

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October is here, meaning the most thrilling time of the year has arrived. The 2023 MLB Regular Season wrapped up this past Sunday, as the final playoff picture was finalized with the Houston Astros jumping the Texas Rangers to clinch the AL West division. The best-of-three Wild Card Series kicked off Tuesday to determine who will be advancing to the divisional rounds.

This year’s playoff picture is notable for a few reasons. For one, many new teams that have not been contenders in recent years are in the playoff picture. The Orioles and Rangers have made many strides to get to the postseason, and they’re geared up and ready to go. On the flip side, the Yankees, Mets, and Padres will not see the postseason this year after failing to live up to their towering expectations.

Here’s a breakdown of the first-round postseason matchups!

American League Bracket

ALDS: No. 1 Orioles vs. Rangers

ALDS: No. 2 Astros vs. Twins

National League Bracket

NLDS: No. 1 Braves vs. Phillies

NLDS: No.2 Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks

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