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Female Athletes Changing the Fashion Game

Fashion in sports has always been able to tell a story, and male athletes are no longer the only ones being paid attention to. Over the years, gameday walk-in outfits have become an essential part of sports that fans look forward to, most notably in the NHL and NBA, but with the rise of the PWHL and WNBA, female athletes are changing the fashion game. We’ve been fortunate enough to see big brands begin to represent female athletes and see staple pieces such as the “Everyone Watches Women’s Sports” t-shirt go viral. We’ve seen each woman’s style and personality shine before she plays. Here are a few athletes who are changing the future in sports fashion. 

Courtesy of Aflac Newsroom

Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Sue Bird

Founded by four of the world’s greatest athletes, Togethxr is a platform that focuses on equality, diversity and the impact of women’s sports. Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Sue Bird got tired of waiting for support and belief in the dreams of every woman. They created Togethxr as a place dedicated to telling the story of female athletes and empowering their voices. Togethxr’s merchandise line became a popular option for fans attending the PWHL and WNBA last year. Their famous “Everyone Watches Women’s Sports'' phrase was seen on t-shirts and sweatshirts across the sports industry, as a forward movement took place in women’s sports. American basketball Hall of Famer and head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks women’s team, Dawn Staley, was one of the first to bring attention to the merchandise, sporting the t-shirt at the South Carolina vs. Iowa women’s college basketball championship, which had an average of 18.7 million fans watching. The shirts sold out soon after, debunking the myth that “no one watches women’s sports.” 

Courtesy of @caitlinclark22 / Instagram

Caitlin Clark

Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark made headlines when she was dressed head-to-toe by Prada for her WNBA draft night. This was the first time Prada had ever dressed a WNBA or NBA player for the draft. Clark’s stylist, Adri Zgirdea, said “it typically takes five years before a major fashion brand will agree to dress any athlete.” Most fashion brands wait until players establish themselves and earn a loyal fan base before risking collaborations or sponsorship deals. Still, it’s clear that the world is paying attention to women’s sports and acknowledges the big changes and progress being made in the industry. Since the draft, she has continued to work with Prada as well as big names like Louis Vuitton and Herve Leger. Clark is opening doors for current and future female athletes, proving that they are not someone we need to “wait around” for.

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Cameron Brink and Coco Gauff

LA Sparks rookie, Cameron Brink, has been making headlines by showing off her impeccable fashion sense during this WNBA season. Her pregame and event outfits have ranged from famous designers like Balmain to Alexander Wang. She has also become one of the several faces of the WNBA’s partnership with the brand SKIMS. Most recently, Brink wore a New Balance set she said was inspired by professional tennis player, Coco Gauff. She smiled as she shared with fans, “I want to be like Coco.” The tennis star was flattered by the thought as she said, “I hope they give her a signature shoe one day and I can rock it too for my press events.” Gauff also admitted the two had yet to meet, but it’s clear they have nothing but admiration and support for each other. At such a pivotal time in women’s sports, it’s inspiring to see female athletes cheering each other on, no matter what team or sport they are a part of.

Edited by Madison Roost

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