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Katy's Professional Style Guide

This might seem monotonous, because I'm a creature of habit. I like what I like and I don't really stray from that. But here's to say this is just inspo to give you an idea of some outfits you could wear out in the field.

I personally love neutral colors like black, white, gray, tan and generally things in that wheelhouse. I think you'll also notice there's quite a bit of blazers and pants and not a lot of skirts or dresses or even heels on this style guide. Not that I wouldn't wear those things per se but I tend to lean towards things that are comfortable and professional/workable.

I have done the heels thing working Alabama Hockey games before, and even when I'm sitting down it's just so miserable that I refuse to do that to myself anymore. I like an elevated sneaker or boots (depending on the height of the heel, preferably flat-ish) because you can look polished and remain workable. I'm always up and around taking notes or setting up camera's and equipment, and have found that comfort is very much key when you are in a reporting position.

So on that note, I tried to find inspiration that would translate to the comfy/professional side of things. I have found that a lot of sideline, rinkside, and courtside reporters seem to be able to dress a little more casual or business casual.

If you want to see more of my or Delaney's style you can follow Girls Club on Pinterest or my personal Pinterest!

I love everything about this. Color, structure, and accessories. I would wear some simple gold hoops with this fit!

Pantsuit: Express has tons of options for different styles and colors but I thought this was most similar in color!

Body Suit: Lulu's is great for simple basics like this white body suit.

Sneakers: Adidas are comfortable and such a classic shoe. Also love a good platform sneaker moment, these from Steve Madden are so cute!

Jewelry: Amazon has so many cute options for a gold chunky earrings, just make sure you read the reviews! I got these in the mail this week and they are perfect! I got the 20.0 millimeter and they are a little smaller, so just make sure you check the size you want before ordering!!

I love a good monochrome look especially in this tan/nude color. It looks so polished and put together.

Coat: A coat like this is such a staple, you can absolutely wear this outside of work. I like this one from Zara, it's very similar.

Sweater: I'm loving all of H&M's sweaters right now.

Jeans: The cut of these H&M jeans are so cute.

Boots: I have these from Dolce Vita and I'm obsessed with them. They elevate any look!

This is such a versatile look because you could totally wear it to the office or on the sidelines of a game, but you could totally brunch or run errands while looking put together too. I love that the pants are more cream/off white here too, because they add a little dimension and contrast while also tying into to the blazer.

Blazer: Trying to find one similar to this that was decently affordable was no easy feat! And this one from Lulu's is almost sold out!

T-Shirt: I like something a little more fitted for tucking into my pants, so bodysuits make that a bit easier, but somedays we just want comfort, so a t-shirt can do just fine as well. Lulu's tends to have the perfect basics with these.

Pants: I think I already linked these from H&M but they come in so many washes it's hard to pick just one color.

I'm obsessed with everything about this look. I would quite literally never take it off.

Blazer: Perfect oversized blazer from H&M!

Tank: Another bodysuit because I am a fiend, but Aritzia has the best quality stuff and this is on sale right now! Tons of color options to choose from too.

Pants: These faux leather pants from Zara are so cool.

Necklace: I'm digging this necklace from Amazon but just make sure you read reviews! This one had pretty good ones!

This is such a good look because you have the all black fit underneath the blazer and ~voila~, it's two outfits. Love that for you.

Blazer: This Amazon blazer is a similar style to the one in the picture!

Turtleneck: This is such a staple piece and everyone should have one in their closet. I thrifted mine but this one from H&M is super affordable as well!

Pants: Classic black skinny jeans = check.

Boots: The pointed toe makes these from DSW so chic!

I will be recreating this fit at some point because it is everything. Classy, stylish, and contrasting.

Blazer: You can pair a black blazer with anything and it would look killer.

T-Shirt: I like this white t-shirt.

Jeans: A lot of the pieces I've already linked can be used to create a lot of these looks and that's what I love so much. Here are the black jeans from the picture above!

Boots: I saw these on DSW and am obsessed. Would love them in black too!

This is so understated, but such a statement at the same time that it's perfect for my sideline gals. The jacket is the focal point, with minimal styling underneath, but if you take the jacket off, the belt becomes the show stopper.

T-Shirt: Please just go look in the basics section/tab at H&M because that is a real dream scape to be honest.

Belt: Nasty Gal has this one that's a little bit smaller, but still in the same wheel house.

Pants: I have these from Zara and I love them! Comfy and structured.

Shoes: I would wear a black boot or white sneakers with this look.

Brown leather is so chic and adds a bit of a flair to a leather jacket. Bella Hadid styles this look perfectly.

Leather Jacket: Aritzia is a bit on the upper end of the price tag but the quality is so good that I think it's worth it.

Turtleneck: I like this short sleeve turtleneck sweater from H&M! And this long sleeve one!

Trousers: The Zara trousers I linked above could work just as nicely here too!

Shoes: Style with some black booties and call it a day. The shape of these from Lulu's is nice and pointed which can help elongate your legs!

I hope y'all enjoyed that and found some pieces for your wardrobe or some pins to inspire you!

Till next time,

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